I Thank God Lyrics by Maverick City

I Thank God lyrics by Maverick City are a powerful statement for faith in the Christian God.

The lyrics reflect MCM’s journey and the faith that transformed them.

They were lost in rebellion without God, but they eventually found Jesus and embraced his teachings.

Today, they encourage their audiences to do the same.

Track listing

In Maverick City’s new EP, “Move Your Heart,” the band shares an authentic and powerful heart of praise.

The EP was produced in collaboration with UPPER ROOM, an equipping engine for the ministry of the Lord.

The original master multi tracks of the EP are available for purchase.


Maverick City is a dynamic worship band that does not fit into one genre.

They mix gospel and funk with R&B and Caribbean music.

Their music is a powerful expression of faith and praise.

Their newest EP, Move Your Heart, is available for purchase.

Following the controversy surrounding the song’s lyrics, Grammy-winning Gospel artist Dante Bowe made a public apology.

He later made his Instagram account private, according to the Christian Post. The apology was later removed.

However, it is unclear exactly why Bowe apologized for posting the lyrics.

Maverick City Music declined to comment on the situation.

However, it is worth noting that the band’s record label has suspended its relationship with Bowe as a result of the controversy.

Meaning of song

“I Thank God” by Maverick City is a powerful worship song, sung by the dynamic worship band.

This song is written in praise of God and praises His power in transforming lives.

The band’s latest EP, “Move Your Heart”, is a collaboration with UPPER ROOM, an equipping engine for ministry to the Lord.

The songs on this EP are authentic and praise-filled.

The original Master MultiTracks are available for purchase.

  • November 1, 2022